MediaWiki is the main hard-coding software used to run Wikia. On wikis, MediaWiki handles a variety of tasks on seperate pages with the MediaWiki: namespace. Such examples are the .js and .css pages that affect functionality and style, respectfully, aswell as the System Messages. All pages under MediaWiki are only editable by an admin or bureaucrat.

JS PagesEdit

These pages effect the wikis functions via JavaScript. When the user wants a certain action to run, the wiki runs it via pre-installed scripts. Custom scripting is accomplished by adding one's own script, or one borrowed from the community to a specific .js page for MediaWiki.


This page handles scripts that affect an entire wiki. Wikia.js does the same.


An admin-created page that handles scripts that effect chat specifically. Requires another page, MediaWiki:Chat-welcome-message, to be edited first so that chat will load the scripts.

CSS PagesEdit

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) affect the visual aspect of the wiki. Adding to these pages does not require a great deal of coding knowledge, as the principals of Wiki CSS are almost identical to Span and Div.


This is the editor for the Wikia.css page thay handles wiki-wide css coding. It automatically detects errors and suggests fixes. It cannot be used on mobile devices.


This page has the same basic function as Wikia.css/Special:CSS.


This page runs CSS scripts specifically for chat. Again, it requires Chat-welcome-message to be edited to allow script-running.


This page effects a user's userpage specifically, and does not cause any other changes to the wiki to be made, outside of that page. The page name must always have "sup" in lowercase.


This page effects the visual style of the entire wiki for the specified user. No other users can see the changes. The page name must always have "common" in lowercase.