Programming Database Wiki

We don't have many rules on this wiki, but the ones we do have please follow them.


  • We reccomend that you create an account for editing - its simple and its free!
  • Deleting content from pages will not be allowed. You will face a three or even more severe ban if you do.
  • While we will tolerate small amounts of swearing, please don't overdo it.
  • No sexual and/or offensive remarks or photos.
  • No racism, this is a real no.  Considered a Serious Offence.
  • No trolling.


  • Don't spam to much.
  • Don't ask for another users age/where she or he lives etc.
  • Don't minimod.
  • Don't demand to be a Chat Moderator - it won't happen.


The administrative staff will punish users if necessary.

  • Minor Offence: Usually just a warning or a few hours block at most
  • Less minor offence: One or two days block.
  • Medium Offence: Block ranging from two days to a wekk depending on the offence
  • Serious Offence: Between a week and a month
  • Major Offence: Around a month, normally.
  • Unfogivable offence: One year to a Perma ban.

Note: repeated offences are likely to be more severely punished.