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This is a wiki about Wikia Programming. In time, it will serve as a simplified programming resource for budding coders, as well as providing information on different aspects of programming/coding. We are editing 65 articles and we have 1,272 edits since September 17th 2013. We also plan to have tutorials on languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript!
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Primary Programming Languages



General: Software • FOSS • Mozilla • Google • Microsoft • Apple • Acer • Adobe • Adobe Premiere Pro • Hardware • Casemod • InfoDepot • Cursors • Applications • Computer Science
Internet: Web browsers • Websites • YouTube • Newgrounds • Orange Lounge Radio • Facebook • Buzz Out Loud • Wireless • iSC Pedia 3.0 (DE) • Sploder-Gamer
Operating systems: Linux  • Android • OpenBSD • coLinux • cygwin
Programming: AlgoDS • Design Patterns • Java • Python • Computer Programming • C++ • Delphi • Visual Basic • CHDK • Icarus Verilog • Sawfish • AutoCAD • Beebhack • How To Program Wiki • ECDL Wiki (DE)
Web development: HTML & CSS • PHP • JavaScript • Flash • Perl • JavaFX
FANDOM development: FANDOM Open Source Library • FANDOM Portability Hub • Templates Wiki
Advanced Programs: Stencyl

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