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Your page still looks incredibly bland.  And there are no links. Links are like the doors of the web. A webpage without links is a webpage without doors.  Time to fix that!


Links are made with the <a> tag.  So, do we just put <a> and then the link?! The format for a link is:<a href="(link)">Text to display</a>. Simple enough, no? Except with css and pseudo-elementa such as a:hover you can do some really awesome stuff (hover over one of the links here, notice how it slowly changes color? We will explain that later)!


<nowiki>Images features a similar syntax to links. The <img> tag is used to add images to a webpage. Just like links, the <img> tag needs attributes too work correctly. To add an image, one must use the following syntax: <img src="image link with http:// prefix"/>. More attributes can be added to resize the image, add captions and more. If you want to resize the image, set either width="value" or height="value". Setting both may result in the image being stretched. If you set only one, however, setting only one will result in the image resizing automatically.