Tag Name Description
<activityfeed> Activity Feed Shows a list of recent edits, similar to the Special:WikiActivity page.
<bloglist> Blog List Shows a list of recent published blogs
<categorytree> Category Tree An AJAX based gadget to display the category structure of a wiki.
<charinsert> CharInsert Allows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard characters.
<chat> Chat Produces a Wikia Chat Module
<choose> Choose Generates a random result with the <option> tag.
<createbox> Createbox A box used to create a new page
<gallery> Gallery Displays a gallery of images.
<hiero> Hieroglyphs Enables the use of hieroglyphs with additional syntaxes
<imagemap> Image Map Allows clickable HTML image maps
<inputbox> Inputbox Allows users to add predefined HTML forms to wiki pages.
<irclogin> IRC Login Shows a form for logging into a Wikia IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Chatroom.
<languages> Languages Shows languages
<mainpage-endcolumn /> Mainpage Endcolumn The tag to close a mainpage-column tag
<mainpage-leftcolumn-start /> Mainpage Leftcolumn Start The tag to start a left column on the mainpage.
<mainpage-rightcolumn-start /> Mainpage RightColumn Start The tag to start a right column on the mainpage.
<math> Math An extension that provides support for rendering mathematical formulas.
<mostvisited> Most Visited Shows a list of the most visited pages
<newpageslist> New Pages List Shows the most recent added pages
<nowiki> NoWiki Displays text that was written as it is.
<option> Option An option that has the chance to be chosen by the the <choose> tag.
<poem> Poem Adds <poem> tag for poem formatting
<poll> Poll An extension that sets up surveys and polls
<pre> Preformat Displays preformatted text
<randomimage> Random Image Generates a random image out of the total images successfully published
<recentimages> Recent Images Shows list of recent published images
<ref> Ref Works together with the Reference Tag to add citations to pages
<references> Reference Works together with the Ref Tag to add citations to pages
<rss> RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Displays an RSS feed on a wiki page
<score> Score Allows to render musical scores with LilyPond
<section> Section Enables marked sections of text to be transcluded
<source> Source Displays formatted source code with the SyntaxHighlighter extension
<staff> Staff A tag to show the user is a member of Wikia Staff
<syntaxhighlight> Syntax Highlight Highlights a certain part of a syntax
<tabber> Tabber An extension that allows you to add multiple tabs to a section of content.
<tabview> Tab Views provides an easy way to display multiple content pages in a single article using tabs.
<talkpage> Talk Page Shows the talk page
<templatedata> Template Data Allows to store, retrieve and visualise template parameters in MediaWiki
<thread> Thread Shows threads
<timeline> Timeline Editors can create timelines of events using this tool's syntax.
<topuserslist> Top Users List Produces the 7 top users list which is dependent on the local user's total editcount.
<verbatim> Verbatim Allows for communities to use code snippets provided by third-party providers, such as for Twitter or Facebook Activity
<widget> Widget allows the creation of raw HTML pages that can be embedded (similarly to templates) in normal wiki pages
<wikiaforum> Wikia Forum Produces a Wikia Forum Module which shows the most recent edits in the forum.
<wikitweets> Wiki Tweets Shows tweets made by a Wiki
<youtube> Youtube Used to add a youtube video by the Video ID.